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Connecting, Inc. is a business which provides academic and life coaching for students and parents as well as social skills coaching for teens, dealing with shyness and social awkwardness, including high-functioning teens on the spectrum.

The mission of Connecting, Inc. is to facilitate the acquisition of skills leading to success in life.

Purpose of the Group: To provide interactive activities to practice skills for success through discussions and role-playing.

Objective: To acquire the skills for success, necessary for school, friendships, and the workplace.

Kathy Matchunis

Kathleen Matchunis was a Broward County teacher in Coral Springs for over 30 years and was the coordinator and teacher of conflict resolution and mediation at the high school level for over ten years. She was also an assistant principal intern at a Broward County high school. Kathleen is a graduate of FAU with a BS in Spanish and a minor in French. She holds an MS from Nova Southeastern University in Educational leadership. Kathleen is a parent of college-age twins, one of whom had social skills challenges.