Your Teen’s Social Media Profile: Is It Helping or Hindering Chances for Employment?

By Kathleen Matchunis, Certified Professional Coach, Connecting, Inc.

Now that almost all young people are on various social media platforms, teens need to be made aware of how their social media profile can affect their chances of getting hired.  After a teen submits a resume and is interviewed, over 60% of employers will often check out a job candidate’s social media.  Why?  Social media tells a lot about a person.  It is a virtual representation of you as a person.  It is part of your reputation.  What you put on social media both in words and photos shows whether or not you exercise good judgment.  Your child might be just starting out in the professional world with great grades, a fantastic resume, and community service, but if his/her social media tells a different story, a prospective employer may choose not to employ your teen. So, save the lecture, I have done the research for you! Here is some important information to share with your teen.

On the positive side, a good social media can help build your teen’s representation, represent your teen’s causes, and show community service.

These are posts that can enhance your chances for employment:

  • Great photo of you, appropriately dressed
  • Posts which are written with correct spelling and grammar
  • Posts about causes which you support
  • Posts about volunteer work
  • Posts about charity work

These are posts to avoid on Facebook:

  • Any reference to illegal drugs- this type of reference will get you eliminated right away
  • Inappropriate photos- if you wouldn’t like your boss to see you like this, don’t post it!
  • Sexual references- this type of post shows poor judgment and bad taste
  • References to weapons- employers will see this and not want to risk hiring you
  • Inappropriate language- many employers will eliminate you if they see this
  • Bad grammar and spelling- if you don’t appear literate online, employers may assume you don’t know how to write, which is a key skill for many jobs.
  • Any post that could be interpreted as bullying – nobody likes a bully, especially in the workplace
  • Any post stating your political affiliation- If your prospective employer is of another political persuasion, a political post may influence a hiring decision
  • Any post that shows discrimination- a good job candidate has to be prepared to work with people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities

For a guide on how to build your reputation and “brand” on Facebook, check out

If you do not have a LinkedIn Profile, you need to build one as soon as possible. On this platform, you can include job experiences, your education, skills, causes which your support as well as volunteer work.  It is essential to have a LinkedIn profile as you enter the professional world.  For a guide on how to build a great LinkedIn profile, check out

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